Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Morning Glory's
Morning Glory's give praises to God.
unfurl there pedals, to receive, His love
Sunshine so bright, and yes, rain too,
All work together, to make them anew.
Each day blessed with growth, and new attitude.
Refreshed by new showers, of the new mornings dew
Much more are we to receive, Gods blessing of Love.
For He sent us His Son, who came down from above.
Like the Morning Glory, with it's pedals unfurled,
We too, our hearts can open, in the darkest, of worlds.
Because God sent Christ to die in our place,
Our sins to remove, God's Mercy and Grace.
In each new day, like the Morning Glory's dew,
We too can be refreshed......cause His Blood makes us new!!
Zane's Rap
Do you wanna be bad? Do you wanna be tough?
Can you be tough enough, to look at the stuff?
There are people out there, that are crying, and dying, inside.
You got to see with your eyes, you got to hear with your ears,
You got to listen with your heart
That's a good plan. That's a good place to start.
If you walk down the street, to the heart of your beat,
there are souls to be saved, there are brothers to keep
there are so many ways, and only so many days, to give yourself.
Your unique on your own, your precious in His sight,
there is no one like you, don't be afraid of the night!
God uses the good, and makes gold, from the bad,
Our mistakes can be used, to make sad brothers glad.
Do you wanna be bad? Do you wanna be tough?
It takes a lot guts, to look at your stuff,
and then give yourself, no matter what you've done
or where you've been, there are brothers out there,
who be walking in sin, like you have done.
So many people, so little time, step out of your way
to help a brother in crime, so many lonely, so many sad,
so many out there, think they're only bad.
No time like the present, to give of your talents,
you got so much to offer, You got a big challenge,
So give what you got, it's and infinite blessing,
For the joy that it brings, and the wounds, that your dressing.
So you wanna be bad? So you wanna be tough?
Your bad can be good, God will you be tough.
Get out there and give, So much life to be lived,
Go on and be bad, go on and be tough,
God will give you the strength, for He is enough!!